The new year always seems to bring a desire to renew, reinvent and reflect on everything from faith to food to family.  The duration of this renewing, reinventing and reflecting somehow seems to only last until mid-February if I’m lucky – can anyone else relate?  I need something to help me stay accountable and something to give me an outlet of creativity that feels lacking in my life somehow.  I should clarify that I am a full-time high school social studies teacher, so in truth the ability to be creative presents itself every morning at 7:50 am when 30 sleepy-eyed sophomores begin to stare at me and expect some entertainment.

More specifically,  I am looking to be creative in a zone outside of my conventional life.  I am one of those teachers who can legitimately say that I always wanted to teach.  In 2nd grade I wanted to teach 2nd grade, in 5th grade I wanted to teach 5th grade, so it’s probably no wonder that I ended up teaching high school.  I love my job but something seems to be missing and I am hoping this blog will help me find some answers.

My husband proposed to me approximately a year ago and also surprised me on that same day by closing on our first home.  I am a lucky girl who is ready to continue cooking, decorating and learning what it means to be in a lifelong partnership.  These loves made me consider starting a blog last year and what better time to begin a new chapter than in January…right, friends?

Well here we go…I’m Nicole and I’m Smitten in the Mitten and hoping to be Living my best life.

Jesse, Nicole & Wrigley


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