Exciting day!  Today is the first installment of my “Sweet of the Week” series.  As the name suggests, my intent is to post a new recipe each week that showcases a yummy sweet treat that I have baked.  However, this plan may get derailed by the fact that my hubby is in love with this week’s recipe.

Let me explain…

Shortly after we moved into our new house I bought a bag of Heath Bar Toffee Chips that were on sale and looked tempting.  Honestly, they sat in the cupboard for a good two months before I discovered them one Saturday afternoon (I’ll blame it on craziness of home renovation – more on this later).  Soon after I decided to go searching for recipe online that incorporated this promisingly sweet ingredient.

J & WAfter much searching I stumbled across the recipe for what has become, “Jesse’s Favorite Cookie.”  And when I say favorite I don’t mean that he prefers them, I mean if I make nearly anything else I am suddenly not living with one puppy dog who can put on a sad face, but two puppy dogs with incredibly sad faces.  Needless to say…I hope that I will successfully bring you a new sweet each week but if I don’t please know that it’s due to “Jesse’s Favorite Cookie” edging out any competition.

Follow this link to “The Dough Will Rise Again” and discover their delectable treat.  I usually halve the original recipe since the full batch makes a ton for just the two of us.  Halving it is easy to accomplish since there are two eggs and two sticks of butter in the original recipe.

Check it out, you won’t regret it.  (I intended to take pictures of my most recent batch that was baked on Saturday but they are M.I.A. already!)

Side Note: My Sweet of the Week series is also partially inspired by an idea from The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  One of Pollan’s food rules is that you can eat as much junk food as you want…as long as you make it from scratch yourself.  My goal is to not buy any grocery store, ready-to-eat sweets and see if we snack less.  Fingers-crossed!  These cookies are definitely worth the time and effort!



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